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Currently there are no openings in Corporate UVSG. Please page down for openings in other divisions of UVSG.


Director of International Technology: coordinates the planning, design, development, and implementation of software systems and platforms required by Prevue International for host data input, transmission of data and video, and applications operating in remote control units (including interactive). Minimum requirement are:

Manager of Finance & Planning: handles day-to-day management of annual budgets, financial analysis, corporate development strategic planning, acquisitions, and joint venture projects. Minimum requirements are:

Engineering Technician: provides engineering support for the software development team during launch of production database applications and services; provides network, hardware, and software purchasing, installation, and diagnostic trouble-shooting. Minimum requirements are:

National Ad Sales Research Manager: uses various research tools to build compelling ad sales presentations and promotions, manages Nielsen data, creates universe estimates and projections, manages custom studies. Minimum requirements are:


Programmer/Technical Analyst: designs, develops, and documents various program applications using C, COBOL, dBase, and other scripting languages. Minimum requirements are:

Internal Account Representative: responsible for solicitation of new accounts, retention of current accounts, customer service, and maintaining computer database. Minimum requirements are:

Cash Processor: processes customer payments within the database. Minimum requirements are:

Administrative Assistant-Accounting Dept.: assists and supports the accounting/system development department. Minimum requirements are:


Network Engineer: responsible for supporting customer specific application design requirements and overall satellite transmission system enhancements. Minimum requirements are:

Electronic Engineering Technician: provides technical support for SpaceCom's network engineers. Minimum requirements are:


Currently there are no openings within UVTV. Please page up to view openings within other divisions of United Video Satellite Group.

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