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Configuration File - Config.dat breakdown with known settings.

These are the internal settings found in the Config.dat file on Prevue's disk.

Variables From ESQ Character Effect
%01ld 2 (Unknown Effect)
%01lc c
%01ld 0 (MR Review in F Setting - 0 for No, 1 for Yes)
%01ld 1 (SumbySource SBS in F Setting - 0 for No, 1 for Yes)
%02ld 08
%02ld 08
%01lc G (Unknown Effect)
%01lc N
%01lc A (Unknown Effect)
%01lc E (Unknown Effect)
%01ld 0 (Unknown effect)
%01ld 1 (Sports Summary in F Setting - 0 for No, 1 for Yes)
%01lc N (Unknown Effect)
%01lc N (Unknown Effect)
%01lc N (Unknown Effect)
%01lc N (Unknown Effect)
%01lc N Turns on the Pause every three listings (Y is the default, our listings had this turned off)
%01lc N (Unknown Effect)
%01lc L
%02ld 29
%02ld 06
%01lc Y Cycle in F Setting (Y for Yes and N for No, Defaults to Y)
%01lc Y (Unknown Effect)
%01lc Y Locking the F Setting (N locks the setting / Y shows the setting)
%02ld 23
%02ld 36
%02ld 06
%03ld 015 (AftrOrdr - F Setting (3 digits)) [Confirmed]
%01ld 1 (CycleFrequency - F Setting cannot be 0, defaults to 1) [Confirmed]
%2.2s 00
%01lc Y (Unknown Effect)
%01lc N (if Y then Army Time - also updates listings with Army Time as well) [Confirmed]
%01lc Y (Unknown Effect)
%01c C
%01c Ž [HEX CODE = 8E , Decimal 142]
%01d 8
%01c N (Unknown effect)
%01c N (Unknown effect)
%01c N (Unknown effect)
%01c N listings has N)
%01c N (Unknown Effect)
%01c 1 (ClockCmd in F Setting) (can't be 0 or can't exceed 2, will default to 1)