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The Electronic Program Guide software (often referred to as EPG Sr.) was the second iteration of software used to power the Electronic Program Guide channels, which was the predecessor to Prevue. Similar to the Prevue Guide software, it ran on the Amiga platform. The earliest known time the software was in use was from 1985 to 1988, when it was phased out in some markets with Prevue Guide, however some cable providers continued to use it instead.

Like the EPG Jr., the software had a feature for displaying text ads, which would be put between timeslots, along with displaying a title at the top of the screen. however it also had additional features, such as displaying full-screen advertisements every couple of minutes, and a scroll on the bottom portion of the screen, which would be used in a similar fashion to text ads. It also contained the popular list style used as early as the Jr. to some versions of New Look, which could be switchable on the fly.

Unfortunately, as of May 17, 2022, the EPG Sr. software has not yet been found in any way.

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