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PrevueCLI is a tool that sends listings data to the Amiga, Commodore, and PC Prevue versions of the Prevue Guide software. The software can convert curday.dat files to CSV listings, as well as convert XMLTV based program information to a readable format by the Prevue software.

The software currently supports Windows, macOS, and Linux (amd64) hosts.


PrevueCLI simulates the 2400 baud data feed sent over satellite to Prevue Guide units. Listings are either generated from XMLTV files, or created manually by following the CSV format. Configuration information is stored within PrevueCommand files, and can be customized for different units. At this time, listings can be sent over a TCP connection to programs like WinUAE, or over a serial connection. At this time, serial data is limited to macOS only.

Command Line Flags

Command Line Parameter Description
send <.prevuecommand file> Sends the commands in the specified .prevuecommand file
convertCurdayDatToListings <curday.dat file> <directory to save .csv listings files> Converts a curday.dat file to the channels.csv and programs.csv listings format (this can unpack PowerPack 2.0 if necessary)
convertXMLTVToListings <xmltv file> <directory to save .csv listings files> [max channel number] Converts an XMLTV file to the channels.csv and programs.csv listings format. If no max channel number is specified, the default is 100.
convertCommandFileToBinary <.prevuecommand file> <binary commands file> Converts the commands in the specified .prevuecommand file to their satellite data representation
convertBinaryToCommandFile <binary commands file> <.prevuecommand file> Converts commands in satellite data format to a .prevuecommand file
printCommandSchema Prints all of the supported commands and their syntax details
printJulianDay Prints today's Julian day (0-255)
help Prints this help