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Prevue Channel

Prevue Channel was a network founded and owned by the Universal Video Satellite Group in 1981. Prevue has utilized several hardware systems such as the Atari and Amigas systems, which were custom-built for Prevue use.


Prevue has went through several changes including software changes, layout changes, logo changes, and slogan changes.


The original Prevue logo has a USPTO serial of 74108440


The second logo removes the cursive guide writing under it. This logo has a USPTO serial of 74491852.


The third revision logo uses a new "eye" style, however continues to use the 2nd logo's typeface. This logo has a USPTO serial of 75066864.


The fourth revision logo uses the same "eye" style with a new type face. This logo has a USPTO serial of 75463258.


Prevue Channel becomes TV Guide Channel

Note: Please see the main article TV Guide Channel

USVG had sold Prevue Networks to TV Guide in 1999. On February 1st, 1999, Prevue Channel was relaunched as TV Guide Channel. This had happened at exactly 12:00 AM that morning. A video of this is available recording the events that lead up to the relaunch.


Soon after this relaunch, the Prevue Software (Known as the "Blue Grid" to some) has been replaced with a "yellow grid" version of the software.

Many viewer's opinion after this relaunch is that TV Guide started going "downhill." Most viewers did not prefer the constant half-hour advertisements, the constant "celeb-talk", and the stray away from the foundation of Prevue Guide.

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