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The Prevue Channel (known from 1988-1993 as Prevue Guide and from 1999-2007 as TV Guide Channel) was a network founded by the United Video Satellite Group in 1988. Prevue has utilized several different types of hardware over the years, including Atari and Amiga-based machines.

TV Guide Transition

In 1999, UVSG acquired TV Guide from News Corp, and on February 1st, 1999, the Prevue Channel was relaunched as the TV Guide Channel at exactly 12:00 AM. YouTube user HulkieG has posted a video of the switch on YouTube. Several months after this name change, the existing Prevue Grid Amiga-based platform was phased out, replaced by a Windows NT-based system referred to as Yellow Grid due to its new appearance.

Many fans of the Prevue Channel regard this relaunch as the beginning of TV Guide Channel's downhill climb. Some were turned off by the half-hour advertisements, constant "celeb-talk", and the fact the the channel was moving away from the previews and highlights that had been the foundation of Prevue Guide.

Logo History

The original Prevue logo trademark had a USPTO serial of 74108440.


An alternative version of the logo, without the guide text. This was used as the primary logo just after the "Prevue Guide" name was phased out, and is filed with the USPTO under serial 74491852.


This version of the logo, introduced around 1996, continues to use Prevue's typeface, but introduces an eye-like design around it. This logo has a USPTO serial of 75066864.


The final version of the Prevue logo used the same eye-like style with the Univers font instead of the original Prevue typeface.. This logo has a USPTO serial of 75463258, and the trademark was not cancelled until 2006.