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Version 7.8.3 is a version of the Prevue software that was built in 1996. Like 9.0.4, this version has a build code of 21 JGT. Two variants of this version are known to exist, one most likely for the Amiga 1000 series, and the other for the later and commonly used 2000 series. The build we have also seems to be built for PAL systems.


There were various differences between the two revisions. 7.8.3 seems to have an alternate mode reminiscent of the Prevue List software, while 9.0.4 seems to have gotten rid of this. There also seems to be various changes between keyboard combinations in both versions. This version also seems to utilize a fairly different format, for example, the non-existent support for television ratings.


Like the final version, this version offers several different modes, which are accessible through the system's menu. Some of the keyboard commands are the same, however there are some differences.

Listings mode

Key Combination Description
CTRL+B Changes the color palette of the guide. It is unknown what this was for.
SHIFT+F Sets the guide to a full screen format, reminiscent of the EPG software.
SHIFT+H Reverts the guide back to default.
SHIFT+6 Slowly shifts the guide down by a couple of listings.
SHIFT+7 Slowly shifts the guide up by a couple of listings.
[ Shifts the guide down by a couple of listings, allowing more space for genlocked video.
] Shifts the guide back to the default position.

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