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This template is used to display a small flag icon next to a wikilinked country name. It is related to the Template:Tl, Template:Tl and Template:Tl templates, but offers more options in terms of the text string displayed.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template for the main documentation/discussion page for the flag templates system.


{{flag|country identifier|optional variant|name=alternative text string|size=maximum width and/or height of the flag image}}

  • country identifier is the common name of the country (e.g. "United States"), a common alias (e.g. "US"), or a standard country code such as those listed at ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
  • variant is an optional second parameter that can be used to display a flag variation, such as a historical flag. The list of variants for each country is documented on the appropriate template page, such as Template:Country data Germany
  • alternative text string, this optional value, specified by the name parameter, is used to display alternative text
  • size, this optional value is specified by the size parameter, and is used to specify the maximum width and/or height of the flag image. This parameter is specified using standard image syntax.

See the prefix index for the templates latently called by this one.


Wiki markup Displays Notes
{{flag|United States}} Template:Nowrap Note that all instances link to United States.
{{flag|US}} Template:Country data US
{{flag|Germany}} Template:Country data Germany All three instances link to Germany.
In addition to the ISO country codes, those used by FIFA, IOC, etc. are also supported.
{{flag|DEU}} Template:Country data DEU
{{flag|GER}} Template:Country data GER
{{flag|Germany|empire}} Template:Country data Germany Flag variations can be used with either country names or country codes.
{{flag|DEU|empire}} Template:Country data DEU
{{flag|CAN|name=Canadian}} Template:Country data CAN The name parameter can be used to change the display string but keep the link to the correct article.
{{flag|Canada|1957|name=Canadian}} Template:Country data Canada The name parameter can also be used when flag variants are specified.
{{flag|Texas}} Template:Country data Texas Flags are also available for several sub-national and multi-national entities such as US states, Canadian provinces, and the European Union.
A complete list can be found at Category:Country data templates.
{{flag|British Columbia|name=BC}} Template:Country data British Columbia
{{flag|EU}} Template:Country data EU
{{flag|Switzerland|size=14px}} Template:Country data Switzerland The size parameter can be used to control the image dimensions.
23×15px is the default size for most countries (some entities have a different default size).
{{flag|Switzerland|size=28px}} Template:Country data Switzerland
{{flag|Nepal}} Template:Country data Nepal Some flags are non-quadrilateral.


Template:TemplateData header <TemplateData> {

       "description": "This template displays a small flag icon next to a wikilinked country name",
       "params": {
               "1": {
                       "label": "Country identifier",
                       "description": "Common name of the country (e.g. 'United States'), a common alias (e.g. 'US'), or a standard country code",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": true
               "2": {
                       "label": "Variant",
                       "description": "Identifies a flag variant to be used instead of the standard flag, e.g. 1815",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false
               "name": {
                       "label": "Alternative text",
                       "description": "Display alternative text instead of the standard country name",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false
               "size": {
                       "label": "Maximum dimension",
                       "description": "The maximum width or height, specified via standard 'extended image syntax' (e.g. x30px)",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false

} </TemplateData>

See: Wikipedia:Extended image syntax.

See also

Template Description Example
Template:Tl displays coat of arms image Template:Coat of arms
Template:Tl always expands the link text to the full country name Template:Flagcountry
Template:Tl does not link the country name Template:Flagu
Template:Tl displays the flag only, linked to the country name Template:Flagicon
Template:Tl displays an unlinked flag icon only Template:Flagdeco
Template:Tl links the flag image to its description page Template:Flagc
Template:Tl aligns country names correctly in vertical lists (see that template's documentation) Template:Flaglist
Template:Tl adds country code in parentheses after linked country name Template:Flagteam
Template:Tl displays the flag and another name, followed country name or code Template:Flagathlete
Template:Tl displays the flag and a name, above linked country name and code Template:Flagmedalist

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template#List for a longer list of flag templates.

Multi-sport templates

Template:Flag templates

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Module-based versions which can be used to reduce the post-expand include size on pages that are near or exceed the limit.